American Traveling Guide: Obvious Things that Will Shock You and What “You Should Don’t Do”

Why did I get a video with travel tips about Rome and Europe from a random American on my Youtube homepage? I really don’t know, but when I started watching I just couldn’t stop.

The two videos are quite long, so here is a nice little summary of the things that will “shock you” and the things you “should don’t do”[sic] in Rome:

1) If you speak the local language, you will be shocked by the fact that you will be able to interact better with the local people. By doing so, they will actually be friendlier than if you try to speak to them in a language that is not theirs and that they may not understand.

2) Rome is not the secret travel destination it used to be back in Etruscan times. You won’t be the only tourist in town, and you’ll have to share the place with other tourists who will complain about …other tourists.

3) Unlike other churches and pagan temples in the world, where nudity is encouraged and welcomed as a way to communicate in an unfiltered way with the Almighty, in Rome “skimpy clothes may keep you out of churches”. You may want to leave your bondage and fetish gear at home.

4) The Italian capital is a rough place to live in. In Rome, there seem to be weird people trying to gain possession of other people’s property without their consent. To avoid becoming a victim of these eccentric people, you will need to put your belongings in places that are not easily accessible. If you fail to go through this complicated procedure, remember that “police will help you report your loss”.

5) If you book a place in the centre, where all major sights are, you can just walk to all the major sights. If you are planning on walking though, “leave high heels at home” (as well as pogo sticks and ballet shoes)

6) Public toilets are not clean. Other tourists seem to have their own disgusting bodily functions (other tourists?!? See point 2). Therefore “use the hotel bathroom before you leave the hotel”. (Not after)

7) “Don’t eat next to major sights” where restaurants are “overpriced and underflavoured”. Gone are the days where you could eat great geese roasts in front of the Colosseum for a couple of silver sestertii!

Well, these videos are actually not that bad, and Mark comes across as a nice friendly chap who really enjoys the local culture and does his best not to be the average tourist. And we understand that some Americans may have never left their great country, making some obvious things shocking for them. But, scusi tanto, as locals, we can’t help but laugh at some his stuff!

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