What’s going on in the newsroom of The Economist?

Greetings to our new comrades at The Economist!

We are happy to inform you that what used to be the vile stronghold of British liberalism is now part of The Revolution. As a proof of that, here is a summary of one of their recent issues: 

-Cover and various reports on the ongoing struggle of the Palestinian People. Our new comrades in London remind us that the creation of a Palestinian state is long overdue


– Editorial on the lack of action taken by politicians to tackle the inequality intrinsic in our capitalistic system. The success of the comrade Piketty with his “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” has not been translated into action by our reactionary leaders

An enthusiastic review of the novel “Havergey”, set in an socialist utopia of the future, where private property is a crime and ecology shapes all political decisions. According to the writer, the “sci-fi approach may be what is needed to get people talking” and analyse modern problems in a radical and alternative way

Hasta siempre… Economistas!


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