The worst Italian radio show is back on air… thank goodness.

La Zanzara, “the Mosquito”, is probably the worst Italian radio show out there, with two pseudo journalist acting as hosts and taking calls from an assortment of fascists, islamophobists, proud and unrepentant clients of prostitutes, racist truck drivers, and perverts of all persuasions. The hugely popular show is back after its summer break and, of course, I couldn’t wait to listen to this incredible window on Italian people once again.

You couldn’t ask more from the format of the show, with two radically different hosts who create a highly humorous contrast: the main host, Cruciani, is a cynical right wing Roman who doesn’t mince his words and has the role to act as a provacateur, which he does to great effect;  Parenzo is the complete opposite,  a left wing perbenista who always tries to say the right thing and be politically correct. I have already pointed out that Parenzo and Cruciani are useless from a purely journalistic point of view*, but they fare much better as entertainers, especially when dealing with phone calls from Italy’s underclass.

So, if you are looking for some easy listening while stuck in the chaotic Italian traffic, this is an excellent as well as a fun way to improve your Italian, while exploring the complexities of the political stances of nazi truck drivers and updating your knowledge on current trends in sexual deviation, tune in to Radio24 at 6:30pm, or download the podcast  and get a taste of the real Italy. It will be one mistake you won’t regret.

Enrico Connor

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